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what happens when a woman takes a viagra > > > BUY VIAGRA NO PRESCRIPTION. ONLINE PHARMACY! < < < Viagra Chronicle The narcotic Sildenafil citrate is sold beneath the mark call Viagra by the pharmaceutical party Pfizer. Other marque names on the drug are Revatio and both gratify the word-for-word function. The medicate is prescribed in cases of erectile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hypertension. It is known to be compelling in increasing exercise allied stamina in both men and women. It has been nearby in the markets since then. In a clinical woe on 3000 patients, Viagra was establish competent to go to sustaining erection in 60 to 80% of the patients. Viagra has received condone from the Foodstuffs and Medicine Dispensation of USA in Walk 1998. Conditions Treated during Viagra Viagra is above all occupied to explore erectile dysfunction. It is a narcotize that is administered orally. The medication is a stinting one-liner and can be easily taken. It needs to be between one and half to four hours formerly sensuous intercourse. Taking the medication everyone hour before is the perfect time. Viagra is also effective in keeping capital blood oppression directed control. The medicament is things in both cases because of the arrangement of action. Sildenfil citrate helps to let go muscles and increases blood deliver to unchanging organ. This is why the panacea is real appropriate for the above mentioned problems and has also been acclimatized sooner than sportsmen instead of enhancing their performance. Viagra Dosage Information a.) Typical Dosage Recommendations Viagra is nearby in the form of an said pill. This negligible, dejected pill comes in a diamond shape all things considered in a pack of four. There are a range of doses to hand from 25mg to 100mg. In example in any event of erectile dysfunction Viagra needs to be taken a nominal of half an hour to four hours already propagative intercourse. The dose of Viagra in place of erectile dysfunction is as a rule 25 mg to 100 mg infatuated not more than in days gone by per hour between 30 minutes and 4 hours previously to to progenitive intercourse. b.) Missing A Measure Viagra is not a medicine that is prescribed in a rooted dose format. Since it is linked to erotic dispatch it needs to be charmed single in the forefront intercourse. So there are strength problems in case of missing a dose. c.) Overdosing Disgusting consumption of Viagra can pose form problems. If there is overdose, it is momentous to hope medical relief immediately. As a rule in such cases the special command practice dizziness, spasm in the coffer and uneasiness. There could be nausea and some irregularities in heartbeats. Viagra Warnings Viagra can every so often call understanding interconnected problems. Hence people who obtain a biography of eye-related problems must exert tip off while fetching the drug. As usual patients surpassing 50 years of majority are required to sponsor a elaborate medical exploration in the future the doctor can decree the drug. As is always prescribed, patients must provide their compete medical intelligence forward of the doctors prescribes the drug. Any pre-existing complications with erection should be reported. Also since Viagra can result in lumpy heartbeats, stoical requirement to inform the doctor if they have any narration of hart correlated problems, or problems associated with the kidney or liver. Viagra Side Effects Keep in mind that there are some precautions that the unswerving who takes Viagra obligated to follow. After precedent rot-gut should not be infatuated with the stimulant, as it is more credible to get side effects. Usually Viagra can creator some amount of dizziness. There can also be some problems with urination. In a stinting minority, there have been plan common problems or on a par rashes on the skin. It is particularly vital that these three problems should be reported as an emergency. There could be other side effects also such as expanded feet, conspicuously around the ankles. At times there could be a vary in the brains of hearing or equable injury of hearing. These are uncommon while, and if observed, they should be reported soon. Some patients also adventure a kind of cramp or uneasiness in the chest. Much this grief could elongate as far as the arm or chestnut side of the body also. It could time after time begin as a flimsy tingling in the strongbox precinct, at the lifetime of sexy intercourse. Although it puissance seem too laddie, a doctor should be consulted immediately. Painful erection or everybody that lasts in return too prolonged is also something that needs to be reported to the doctor. Distinctly from these side effects there are also unimportant ones. There could be a ass or pain in the move in reverse and lumbar region. Some people might also contact a blocked nose or some kind of redness on their face. This could be accompanied by means of a tepid furore on the neck, box or face. Some people also face problems kindred to their memory. Nobody of these side effects should at all times be overlooked. It is a-one to consult a doctor at the healthy opportunity fairly than attempting self-medication or any profoundly remedies. If the diligent experiences any of the over instantaneously such as losing perception during procreant contact of feeling unsteady then it must be treated as an emergency. Pharmaceutical Interactions With Viagra Viagra works not lone in erectile dysfunction cases but also those, which are agnate to blood load or hypertension. Hence the antidepressant interactions are likely to be several. It is high-priority for patients to nark on the doctor about all other medications that they dominion be taking. 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